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After Selling Over 1 Million Watches, Three Sisters Use Their Successful Platform to Introduce a New Message, One They Realized Had Been with Them Since Childhood

It’s not how we tell time; it’s how we spend it. Sisters Anita, Nworen, and Zahara have been in the watch business for over a decade selling to some of the largest retailers in the country. After reflecting on their journey, they decided to redirect their focus on a simple message – spend your time wisely. “It’s a simple value our father had instilled in us from a young age,” says Anita, the eldest sister. “We were taught that you must do good in all that you do and the time you put in will make all the difference.”

There’s no shortage of watches today. It’s highly likely you personally know someone with a smart watch, a Rolex or anything in between. The sisters however, decided to create McCoy Road, a watch company driven not by luxury, the high price tag, or how it can track sleep patterns, but simply offering a quality watch comparable to many high-end brands at an affordable price while sharing their message with others, one that shaped them, in hopes of shaping others. And so, McCoy Road was born.  

“Our mantra, ‘time well spent’ is a double entendre as it is our core value and playfully hints at the affordable price of our quality made watches,” says Anita. McCoy Road Watches is named after the road they grew up on in Dallas, Texas. “It’s where it all started. We had very little then, but we had each other and supporting each other through it all made us who we are today.”

Additionally, McCoy Road is plotting to make a name for itself beyond watches. The sisters have become advocates of young entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators in the community. “We want to highlight and support like-minded individuals who spend their time well, doing what they love, and impacting others positively,” says Zahara. To hear her say it, these people are the true definition of time well spent and they should be recognized. “Living by this message could literally change lives and we hope to be a part of that change even if in the slightest,” she says. “If you ask us, that’s time well spent.”

About McCoy Road: Founded by three sisters in Dallas, Texas, McCoy Road designs custom designed watches for men and women using high quality materials at an affordable price. Founded on the principle that one must spend their time wisely, McCoy Road is committed to advocating this message by supporting young entrepreneurs, leaders, and creators in their community.



Anita Khan